5 Ways to Engage Gen X & Y in your Workplace

Gen X and Y have become the most frequently used phrases in the corporate circle. Gen X is grouped together as people born between the 1960s to 1970s while Gen Y implies those born between the 1980s to 90s. Owing to their environment and upbringing, these demographic cohorts show greater love for independence and technology, making it important to understand their mindset to better engage and entertain them.

According to a report by Deloitte, both Gen X & Y together account for 34% of the Indian population, making it a big chunk of the Indian workforce. Such a large number makes it paramount to develop strategies that fulfill their needs, in turn making them more productive for the company. The risk of not doing so is high employee turnover that occurs when employees feel disconnected from the company’s goals and vision.

So, below are five full-proof techniques that when employed, would go a long way in engaging Gen X and Y in your workplace.

  1. Recruit and Onboard Right: An organization should clearly convey the value proposition while recruiting candidates, especially Generation X & Y. These generations expect to be challenged and perform the type of work that interests, fulfills, and excites them. So, it’s important to set the right expectations, define clear goals, and share organizational values that can motivate them.
  1. Keep your communication honest: As an employer, if you want to ensure an engaged Gen X & Y, consider creating a workplace culture that is open and encourages honest communications. Gen X & Y are attracted to a transparent workspace where they can communicate with their seniors about the company’s vision as well as their personal development. So, make sure to create a similar workplace.
  1. Foster a sense of belongingness: Companies should make Gen X & Y feel that they are a part of the organization and that their contribution matters to the company. These particular generations are known for valuing satisfaction as well as success and switch when they feel left out or undervalued.
  1. Offer work-life balance: Many studies have found a work-life balance to be the top priority for the newer generations. Quality time with family and friends is considered as important as performing well in their work. So, organizations should especially care to balance a hectic work schedule with appropriate leaves or celebrations during festivals.
  1. Create a fun environment: A fun and relaxed organizational culture is one of the easiest methods to ensure happy and spirited employees, especially if they belong to Gen X and Y. It’s important for companies to engage their employees in fun activities regularly. Not doing so could lead to monotony in the workplace, compelling Gen X & Y to switch and move on to happier pastures,

As has been shown, companies need to improve their communication and culture to engage Gen X & Y and provide them with the best working experience. An environment with authentic leadership, workplace equity, and meaningful work experience would engage employees, in turn driving organizational growth.

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