Flexible Work Arrangements: Pros & Cons

Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs) have taken the traditional organizational practices by storm and are being dubbed as a “Revolution for the New-age Workplace”. More and more job seekers are choosing employers that promote flexible work arrangements in their organizational setup. As per a survey by Zenefits, 67% of the small businesses in their survey offered some form of FWA. Moreover, out of all the employees’ studies, 73% stated that such arrangements increased their job satisfaction.

While understanding Flexible Work Arrangements, one needs to focus on its various aspects. From being able to work from the desired location, choose the working shift or functioning additional hours on 3 working days as against the 5-day work culture, the traits of FWA majorly disrupt the conventional work culture.

However, like any new trend that comes up, Flexible Work Arrangements carry their own set of pros and cons.

So, below are a myriad of merits and demerits that employers need to grasp before stepping into the realm of Flexible Work Arrangements.

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